Rainwater Management System

The D-Raintank is another Funke Group innovation distributed in Lebanon by Haykal Plast. Rain water in roofed and trafficked areas can accumulate quickly, creating strain on local sewage treatment plants, and hence flooding. The D-Raintank technology consist of specially designed plastic modules that are deployed underground; the D-Raintank helps gather rainwater to be drained later, at a controlled pace – hence, avoiding flooding. The water gathered can also be used for irrigation and other purposes. Some of the advantages of the D-Raintank are as follows:

  • Outstanding storage capacity (95% void)
  • Can be used as a Soakaway or Attenuation
  • Free movement of water
  • Simple and quick installation reduces construction costs
  • Environmentally friendly, high-quality material (PP)
  • Flexibility of installation provides efficient use of space
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Flushable
  • Complete package available