About Us

Haykal Plast S.A.L is a major market player in Lebanon, proving its leadership via the private and public projects that utilize its various PVC and HDPE products. We manufacture according to European standards, KIWA Certified.

Who We Are

Founded in 1993 and currently located in Zouk Mosbeh, Haykal Plast is committed to a production process that conforms to national and international standards. Our production line undergoes strict quality control and management under an ISO 9001 Quality System and a Product Certification Scheme from IRI and KIWA.

In addition to our high quality manufacturing processes and products, Haykal Plast is a complete solution provider for your plastic needs.

Our product range is wide and varied and includes PVC pipes and fittings for sewage and drainage and potable water, as well as HDPE pipes for the transport of potable water and gas.

Haykal Plast is also sole distributor for many European brands, offering a variety of products such as PVC fittings, pressure fittings, cubic sumps, insulation, pipe clamps, solvent cement and much more.

Founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of Haykal Plast, MIA Plast manufactures different kinds of injection molding products.

Following Haykal Plast’s high standards for production and manufacturing, Mia Plast works according to EN1329 standards to produce PVC fittings for drainage systems.

The brand and its products are in high demand in Lebanon due to their outstanding quality, a quality comparable to European products on the market. This trust is not taken lightly at Mia Plast, but rather is used as motivation to continue to provide excellent products and services and to constantly evolve and remain on the cutting edge side of technology.