Compression Fittings 16 Bar

A standard compression fitting can be utilized to joint a PE pipeline. The compression fittings are manufactured utilizing PolyPropylene (PP) material suitable for use in contact with drinking water.

The joints are constructed from a body and a lock-nut made from PolyPropylene, a Gasket made from Nitric Rubber of a hardness of 75, and a Locking ring made from white Polyacetal suitable at a maximum temperature of 100oC, and at a nominal pressure of PN 16 at 20oC.


Applied Standards:

  • Design: ISO 14236:2000 6
  • Size: MSZ EN ISO 3126:2005
  • Pull out resistance: MSZ EN 712:1995
  • Resistance to internal pressure when subject is bended: MSZ EN 713:1995
  • Resistance to internal pressure (1 hour): MSZ EN 715:1995
  • Resistance to internal pressure (1000 hours): MSZ EN ISO 13846:2001; MSZ EN ISO 1167:2006
  • Resistance to external water pressure: MSZ EN 911:1997
  • Marking: ISO 14236:2000 10
  • Effect to water quality: according to the national

Field of Use: Establish mechanical bond between the part of buried PE or metal pipe systems, making connection between standardized PE-PE or PE-metal pipes.

Available Diameters: Ø20 - Ø110 mm

Pressure resistance at 20oC: DN20-110: PN 16 Bar