Electro-Fusion fittings work on the principle of an integral electrical heating coil or mat. When energized, this heats the adjacent material which expands causing the fittings to be fully fused to the pipe. These fittings are energized using a 40V. electro-fusion control box; jointing should be carried out using the appropriate pipe clamps. It is important that a suitable 3KVa generator be used to power the control box on site.

When jointing pipes with electro-fusion socket fittings, there are a number of basic steps to follow to ensure sound joints:

  • Pipe ends must be cut square and de-burred.
  • Depth of entry marks must be clearly indicated on pipe.
  • The required surface must be clean and dry and thoroughly scraped.
  • The correct size pipe alignment clamps must be used to avoid movement during fusion.
  • The correct fusion times and cooling periods must be observed. (In hotter climates it is recommended that the cooling times are doubled).
  • Fittings must be left in their bags until immediately prior to jointing.
  • The performance of the fusion indicators must be observed and noted.